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I consider myself to be creative but trying to explain who I am, always makes me draws a blank. For your sake, I’ll do my best.

Family and Childhood

I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. I have a love/hate relationship with the city, but so far I’m still here. The biggest…

The voicemail that changed my perspective about “the other woman”.

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Most of our knowledge comes from experience, but if you’ve never experienced a specific situation then you can’t actually know what it’s like. The next best way to understand is by learning about other people’s experiences.

That’s why, for a long time, my only knowledge of who the other woman

Turns out, we’ve gotten pretty bad at reading social cues

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It’s been apparent for a while now that Americans are struggling to communicate. Divisions are widening and tensions are straining more by the day. Our conversations go beyond differences in opinion or view, sometimes it feels like walking on ice while trying to navigate a social scene. …

It would be ideal if our elected leaders and elite did what needs to be done, but instead, it’s left to us.

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Over the last few years, we’ve perfected the blame game to the point of going beyond the original intention of questioning social norms and biased systems. Today it’s nearly impossible to state an opinion without somebody going on the defense — sometimes just for the sake of arguing.

Given the…

I was lost there for a minute, but some slight changes are putting me back on track

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For the last few weeks, between everything going on in the news, the disappointment of Cop26, another school shooting, and the increased rain and gloom in Portland, I’ve felt furious, defeated, and just plain sad. It’s been a lot to process, but I’m beginning to find my way back.



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This article was originally published in the author’s newsletter Curious Life and has been republished on Medium with her consent.

The thing about quantum physics is, it’s totally bizarre. Scientists and researchers are always astonished when new discoveries shatter everything they thought they knew. These tiny particles don’t obey the…

Katrina Paulson

Life is a curious adventure. I write words & hope they help people not be jerks to each other. Get my newsletter:

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