Especially when it’s directed inward

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I’ve thought about questions and written about them several times before. The amazing thing about questions is, we never run out of them. Humans are obsessed with learning and understanding.

We begin asking questions nearly as soon as we can speak, and we never stop. There’s one question, in particular, that’s different from all the rest. One question we both love and loath. It haunts our minds when we’re confused and dazzles children. …

After all, women aren’t dependent on men anymore.

The other day, I came across a Twitter thread by user DapperDomo that’s lingered on my mind. He points out that for the first time in known history, men have to rely on their personalities to get women. He actually makes some thought-provoking points for why he thinks this is, which I’ll touch on later.

Since I’m single, a lot of what he said makes a certain amount of sense compared to my personal experiences with dating, and in some cases, it might explain some of the issues I’ve had. …

What might future intelligent civilizations assume about us without it?

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Imagine with me, if you will, that in about two thousand years, an alien or future civilization stumbles upon the remains of our modern society — much the way we discovered Pompeii and other ancient civilizations like the Mayan or ancient Egyptians.

Let’s say we don’t stop climate change, and it wipes out life as we know it within the next 100 years, as some experts predict. Then, sometime around the year 4021, a new intelligent species, or maybe a futuristic human civilization, discovers the remnants of our life today. What conclusions would they make about us?

Initial Curiosity

I was thinking…

We can change social norms but not laws

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We’ve experienced insurmountable change over the last few years, and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. Considering, in addition to climate disasters, the oldest of us Millennials (born between 1981–1996) are turning 40 this year. We should be thrilled to have our turn at running things — but most of us aren’t exactly inspired by the world we’re inheriting.

For the last decade, we’ve gotten good at identifying problems, figuring out what went wrong, and assigning blame. Now it’s time we look toward the future and decide which direction to go from here.

The Current State of Affairs

Baby Boomers (born between…

But it’s better than settling for the alternative

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Not that you need reminding, but…

Global pandemics, new cultural norms, unfathomable unknowns to adapt to with minimal processing time; political uprisings in The States with a twice impeached president resulting in domestic terrorist attacks; insurmountable global death; economies teetering, civil rights movements, feminist movements, humanitarian issues brought to light, and dystopic climate disasters are raining chaos and destruction down on all of us.

In other words, Life’s a tad stressful at the moment.

There’s plenty of cause for us to give up hope — Hope for success today, Hope for the future, Hope for change. …

Let's just say, if this is a preview of dating life these days, I think I’d rather be single forever.

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This is an essay relating to mental health and toxic behaviors while dating. While there are no graphic areas, I go into details about certain conversations to help others identify similar behaviors.

Gas-lighting and manipulation are tricky to spot because each circumstance is unique and emotions are powerful. For more information about toxic relationship behaviors please visit this link.

I wrote a couple of articles about how my sexual past has impacted my current dating experience and the fact I haven’t had sex in two years. …

And that science doesn’t totally understand yet

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So, I was thinking… human bodies are so cool. Don’t you think? I mean, have you ever taken the time to really think about it before? Maybe it’s because I spent years as a licensed massage therapist (LMT), but curiosities about the human body regularly cross my mind.

If I were to guess, I’d say the majority of people don’t give much thought to theirs except while sick or injured. Unless perhaps they’re fitness enthusiasts or something. …

In a patriarchic society, women’s accomplishments are often credited to men

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Cultural revolutions like Black Lives Matter and the continued #MeToo movements exposed for some what’s been in front of us all along. While wearing masks and social distancing, an array of injustices within our systems were illuminated after centuries of existing in the shadows. If we combine all of our issues and discrimination, we can see a single social structure at the root of it all — Patriarchy.

While patriarchy is a vast and all-encompassing social structure, the most important aspect is dominance. As a result, throughout history men have taken the credit, or have been credited, for countless women’s…

Do you know anyone as well as you think you do?

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We live in a society of social facts.

Gulping down headlines about the personal lives of total strangers, we feed on gossip to the point of judging everyone’s choices and interests — including our own friends and family. Sitting up high on our horses, we turn down our noses with the naive assumption that the information we’ve received means we know someone.

Granted, the world is in shambles. But maybe, it’s also because humans love drama, and snap judgments are the easiest kind to make. Not just with celebrities, but with people in our own lives and sometimes even ourselves.

Have Matriarchal, Egalitarian and Patriarchal societies all failed?

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Humankind has been around for millions of years. So long in fact, that we’re not the only human species to have existed. We’re not even the longest surviving human species. Homo Erectus has us beat by more than a million years. Still, during the limited time we’ve occupied Earth, we continue to evolve.

In the process, Humankind naturally created three dominating social structures — Patriarchies, Matriarchies, and Egalitarian — which in turn influence plenty of smaller social orders, such as family dynamics, governments, and economics. Today, Patriarchy is the prevailing social order for the majority of the world. So much…

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