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I consider myself to be creative but trying to explain who I am, always makes me draws a blank. For your sake, I’ll do my best.

Family and Childhood

I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. I have a love/hate relationship with the city, but so far I’m still here. …

The voicemail that changed my perspective about “the other woman”.

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Most of our knowledge comes from experience, but if you’ve never experienced a specific situation then you can’t actually know what it’s like. The next best way to understand is by learning about other people’s experiences.

That’s why, for a long time, my only knowledge of who the other woman

An exciting idea, and might there be another one?

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This article was originally published in Katrina’s newsletter, Curious Life, but has been edited for a Medium audience.

We, humans, love learning about ourselves and where we come from. It provides us a sense of connection to the past while living within enormous concrete cities in a digitalized modern society.

For once, women can’t be blamed

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As an American female, and childless at that, I’ve endured my fair share of stranger’s opinions about whether or not I become a mom. …

And what else lies in the depths of our oceans?

Airplane wreck under water
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This article was originally published in Katrina’s newsletter, Curious Life, on August 30, 2021 and has been edited for Medium’s audience.

I've been pondering all weekend after talking on Friday about what might be lying on the ocean floors. Unsurprisingly, I'm bursting with ideas. Granted, some are more plausible than…

A cautionary true tale about showing up unannounced

police in riot gear aiming a gun
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During my second year at a small-town university, I lived with three female friends in a small house near campus. One night, my roommate *Sophie ran into my bedroom, shutting and locking the door behind her.

She urgently whispered for me to hang up the phone with my boyfriend. “Someone’s…

Is it you? Is it me?

Siloette of legs
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This is going to sound rough at first but doesn’t end that way. I don’t know if you will read this all the way through or write me off. But, I’m typing anyway and I hope you’ll bear with me.

Society is collapsing around us while the majority bury their…

Curiosity crushes fear like water puts out a fire.

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I write because people have always said I’m a storyteller, and I have many stories to tell. Though the tales I narrate aren’t fictional, for now at least, each one is a true account of my life’s experiences.

Aside from shock or surprise, one of the most common comments I…

If we can’t change our past, what does that say about our futures?

close up of gold pocket watch
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This article was originally published in the author’s paid Newsletter, Curious Life.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever wondered what your life’s purpose is. Yeah, me too. Humans have wondered for millennia. Probably since the moment we gazed at the stars and felt connected to something bigger than us. …

There’s a whole other part of being human we’ve barely explored

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Every day, news headlines reveal more problems we can’t justify ignoring anymore. In addition to civil rights and feminist movements, the pandemic is a human horror with a current global death toll of over 4 million. Not to mention global warming.

Our struggle to grasp the alarming situation we’re in…

Katrina Paulson

Life is a curious adventure. I write words & hope they help people not be jerks to each other. Get my newsletter:

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