The voicemail that changed my perspective about “the other woman”.

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Most of our knowledge comes from experience, but if you’ve never experienced a specific situation then you can’t actually know what it’s like. The next best way to understand is by learning about other people’s experiences.

That’s why, for a long time, my only knowledge of who the other woman

So, it’s time we all forge a personal relationship with Nature

Girl in field of dandelions
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This article was originally published in Katrina’s free Newsletter, Curious Adventure.

Confession: I kinda feel like we’re living in some insane time-warped, dystopic, alternate reality where murphy’s law rules all. Okay, perhaps that’s a tad dramatic, but you get my drift. What I mean is, things are a little chaotic…

It seems like an obvious solution, doesn’t it?

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Global warming is on everyone’s mind, and for a good reason. If anything, it’s almost a relief because it means we’ve reached a point where no one can pretend this weather is normal. Still, humanity's disconnect from nature feels vast and impersonal — particularly in America. …

Katrina Paulson

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