Do you know anyone as well as you think you do?

We live in a society of social facts.

Gulping down headlines about the personal lives of total strangers, we feed on gossip to the point of judging everyone’s choices and interests — including our own friends and family. Sitting up high on our horses, we turn down our noses with the naive assumption that the information we’ve received means we know someone.

Granted, the world is in shambles. But maybe, it’s also because humans love drama, and snap judgments are the easiest kind to make. Not just with celebrities, but with people in our own lives and sometimes even ourselves.

Have Matriarchal, Egalitarian and Patriarchal societies all failed?

Humankind has been around for millions of years. So long in fact, that we’re not the only human species to have existed. We’re not even the longest surviving human species. Homo Erectus has us beat by more than a million years. Still, during the limited time we’ve occupied Earth, we continue to evolve.

In the process, Humankind naturally created three dominating social structures — Patriarchies, Matriarchies, and Egalitarian — which in turn influence plenty of smaller social orders, such as family dynamics, governments, and economics. Today, Patriarchy is the prevailing social order for the majority of the world. So much…

After all, it seems we’re already on our way

Living in a patriarchal society is what most people are familiar with. We don’t know any different. It’s been this way for thousands of years, and in the process, patriarchy has become as much a part of our human identity as our ambition and intellect.

Masculine perceived traits such as independence and assertiveness are believed to be superior qualities sought after by the masses. Anyone who doesn’t conform is considered weak and therefore disposable.

Today, most of us are just trying to survive the pandemic, figure out how to pay the bills, and keep our families together. …

Especially after splitting them into two categories — Internal and External

I thought I knew everything there is to know about myself. After all, I’ve spent my whole life as me. It never crossed my mind to consider the possibility that I hardly knew myself at all. Then again, I suppose it’s impossible to fathom how much we don’t know at any given time.

When I realized how little I actually knew, Google provided me countless articles to teach me “How to Know Yourself.” Most involve tips like, include meditation in your daily routine or figure out what brings you joy.

From monogamy to swinging and back again

Sex has always been a curiosity of mine. Even when I was young, I wanted to understand it. As I got older, I was fortunate enough to have ample opportunities to do so safely. Though while I was busy following my curiosities and discovering myself in the process, I didn’t consider the future outcome of the rabbit hole I wandered into.

More specifically, how my ample sexual experience would impact my future dating. On the bright side, I can honestly say I have no regrets.

So if you’re wanting to branch out sexually, and are curious about other’s experiences, then…

There’s enough negativity in the world without bashing on what brings someone joy

You might think it’s obvious that everyone has their own unique interests. It’s practically common sense considering how many people and cultures exist on Earth. Quite possibly, it’s one of Life’s simplest facts. Yet, for some reason, there hasn’t been a time in history when everyone can truly accept it.

True there are several cultural issues that deserve attention. Systemic racism and discrimination shouldn’t be tolerated. But judgments and differences go further than humanitarian issues and infiltrates our day-to-day interests. Often, whether intentionally or not, these snap judgments might be hurting your relationships with others.

There’s Always A Reason

Despite our exceptional technological advancements…

It’s been over two years for me, and here’s why I’m not an anomaly

The last time I had sex as of writing this article, was March of 2019 — two years and two months ago. It was with my ex-boyfriend, a year or two after our breakup. We had one of those complicated relationships where we just couldn’t get it to work, despite our mutual attraction. There wasn’t any significance behind our last hook-up. I didn’t swear an oath of celibacy to get over him, or anything as dramatic as that.

In fact, by that point, I’d already emotionally moved on. The truth is, I haven’t thought much about my break from sex…

Sometimes it’s better to let them make their own decisions

There are times in all our lives when we come face to face with unique and unexplored situations we have no idea what to do with. Not wanting to make the wrong choice, we often turn to the wisest people in our lives in the hopes they can give us the right answers.

Perhaps we’re debating a career change, growing a family, or a major move; there are plenty of unique situations to go around. But despite our desire to let someone else choose for us, these are important choices for us to make for ourselves. …

I suppose we’ll never really know…

On my way to the kitchen, I passed by my Dad’s old bookcase. I rarely acknowledge this particular bookcase because since he was an aviation engineer, it mostly consists of old aviation mechanics books for antique airplanes. Which might as well be written in ancient Greek because I don’t understand any of them.

Even still, I happened to walk past when a bland, nondescript grey book caught my eye. It was shorter than the ones next to it and missing its cover. I might have kept walking, but I’ve learned to pay attention when moments like these happen. …

Have you ever reflected on where some of your instincts come from?

How often do you reflect on the things you do right? I don’t mean something like recycling, I’m talking about tricks or habits you instinctively do when faced with an obstacle. Have you ever wondered why your tactics work? What about when, or where, you learned them? It’s okay if you don’t know. We rarely question when things go well and tend to pay more attention to what’s not working.

But I was recently reminded of a fear I had as a child, and being the introspective person I am, I found myself curious about how I overcame it. That’s…

Katrina Paulson

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