Dear Anger, We Need to Talk

I hate to break it to you, but you’re not the only one with ideas

Dear Anger,

We need to talk. I’d ask how you are, but I think I know the answer.

I’m sure you’ll be irate at the fact I’m writing this instead of telling you to your face. I’d ask your forgiveness, but I’m sure you don’t think I deserve it. Nonetheless, I hope you read this to the end.

We both know you’ve been having a rough time lately. Your entire world is crumbling around you and it seems almost no one cares except you. There are some who are acting as though you’re sent from Hell when all you’ve done is what’s been expected of you — needed even. It’s only right you feel defensive.

Never before have you felt so misunderstood when all you’re trying to do is protect What Is. I know you believe change is dangerous. Your instincts are keen when change is near. I credit the fact no one else senses it before you do.

You dutifully ring our warning bells shouting, “DANGER! DANGER!”, as loud as you can. All because you want to protect us, I know. What fools we are not for listening — at least that’s what you told me before, remember? You punched a hole in my wall with your fist when you said it.

You love us too much to stop there though, don’t you? Change is coming and no one’s listening. I remember you paced for hours. You’d mutter about how you’d make us listen, one way or another while wringing your bloodied hands behind your back. You just had to get our attention. “If shouting didn’t work, then another approach is needed”, isn’t that what you said?

You packed away your megaphone and pulled out Facebook. Fear is an excellent tool, and when paired with imagination, the effects are impressive. You’re smart, Anger, I’ll give you that. I’m often in awe of your ingenuity.

The rumors you spread are top-notch. Each one hit a specific nerve — our insecurity, grief, and pride. I rate them a 10/10 in creativity, even if they aren’t exactly realistic. Though, I understand reality isn’t a factor for you, not as long as you make your point — which you did.

Your stories went viral leading to violence and destruction. Your voice has finally been heard. People are listening. Fearmongering and disgust prove fruitful tools of the trade — you wield them expertly. I can see you’re proud of the army you’ve created. It’s true, you know the way to our hearts.

I can’t fault you for your arrogance. After all, you almost always get your way. You’ve mastered the talent of distraction, to keep us focused on your message. We weren’t listening before, but now we have no choice. No doubt you’re thrilled — or at least you were.

You’re probably confused why only a small percentage of us are obeying you. After all, you’re trying to save Mankind. Bowing to you seems a suitable thank you, or so you believe.

The thing is, we aren’t thrilled. To put it plainly, your intentions are pure, but your actions are not. In the process of trying to save us, you’ve actually hurt us. You feel our fear and think you’ve succeeded but you misunderstand our reasons behind it.

We aren’t scared of change — but now because of you — we’re scared of each other. Your deception and narrow focus made you blind and deft to the results of your cruelty.

Let your hands shake but please keep reading. We’ve listened to you and it’s only fair you listen now.

You’ve protected us for so long, you haven’t noticed how strong we’ve become. We’re resilient now. No longer do we cower behind the “way things have always been.” We’ve climbed our way — thanks in part to you — to the top of the food chain. There’s not a single inch of this planet we haven’t explored or left our mark on.

I hate to break it to you, but you’re not the only one with ideas. Humanity has grown up now and we have ideas of our own. You won’t believe me, but not everything out there is trying to kill us anymore. Did you know there are other ways to live besides in fear? No, of course, you don’t. How silly of me.

I hear the sounds of your protests already as I write this. Don’t forget how well I know you, but it’s true nonetheless. While you’ve had your eye on the horizon watching for predators, we were introduced to Love, Happiness, and Balance. We’ve all become good friends in fact.

No, I’m not the one being unfair. You like to believe you’re the strongest, but it’s time you know you’re not. Someone has to tell you; it might as well be me. We go back a long time, so you know I’m telling you the truth. There’s more to life than trying to insert control over everything. For once, I refuse to submit to you. You cannot and will not change my mind.

I’ll tell you why — because your smoke and mirror tricks don’t hide your truth as well as you believe. The show you’ve put on has been quite the display, but your time on stage is over. No one is applauding you anymore. Personally, I grew so tired of your negativity I wanted to banish you from my life. No, I’m not being dramatic.

The hurt you’ve caused is devastating, you can’t possibly understand. Literally, you can’t, and that’s the point. We’re taking a stand because your aim now is to corrupt, not save.

However, after my talks with Balance and Love, they convinced me not to. It’s because of them I’m writing this. I wanted to change the locks on you but they persuaded me to remember that you matter. Even still, I think we could both do with a little space.

Love and Balance are right, we still need you — I need you. I’d like for us all to work as a team. This is the way forward. Teamwork is how we adapt to the change coming — a more effective solution than fighting or running. If you combine your efforts with the other emotions just imagine what we can accomplish together. I know you don’t tend to get along with Happiness, but for our sake, I hope you’ll try to find some common ground. Maybe Balance can help with that.

Anyway, I’m aware sitting and thinking isn’t your favorite thing to do compared to pacing and plotting — but I beg you to try. If you choose instead to sulk, I guess that’s okay too. You’re running rampant right now, but you’re still part of my family and I hope you come around. After some time, let me know when you’re ready to rejoin us — not as our leader but as our teammate. We’ll be here waiting for you.

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