Two Modern Cities Believe Aliens Protect them from Hurricanes

And they aren’t the first society to claim alien protections

Katrina Paulson
6 min readFeb 19


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I want to have a little fun this week, so I’m going to talk about aliens — because why not? I know the topic tends to receive some eye-rolls, but I also know it’s a guilty pleasure we enjoy theorizing about. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but I totally believe in aliens. Maybe not the “little green men” associated with the alien trope, but logically speaking, we’re unlikely alone in the universe.

Just ask the residents of Tampico or Madero in Mexico. They don’t just believe aliens exist; they’re adamant that aliens are already here — living in the ocean and protecting their towns from natural disasters like hurricanes. And they aren’t the only society to have claimed alien assistance.

Alien Protection?

While many people fear the idea of aliens existing, conjuring thoughts of abductions or maybe even the apocalypse, others are convinced aliens want to help us, not hurt us. This is especially true in the towns of Tampico and Madero on the Gulf Coast of Mexico, where residents claim aliens have an underwater base and have protected them from hurricanes for the last half-century.

According to an investigative article by Vice, thousands of people, including now 71-year-old Beatriz García, witnessed several flying objects in the sky on the evening of August 6, 1967. Garcia told Vice that the objects “couldn’t be planes because of how they manifested, and even the formation: [planes] don’t do that. They were slow and there were lots of them.”

The following day, a local newspaper called El Sol de Tampico published a story titled Platillos Voladores Sobre Tampico, or “Flying Saucers Over Tampico.” The article reports thousands of witnesses, along with a local airport control tower officer, who counted a total of “nine unidentified objects.”

This event has become legendary over the decades and, like Roswell, New Mexico, is now a tourist destination for UFO enthusiasts. These days, the idea is that aliens monitor Earth from a base called Amupac, which is supposedly hidden underwater a few miles from Miramar Beach.



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